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Save the Chimps graciously acknowledges

for the symbolic adoption of

on January 27, 2022

Ana Paula Tavares, CEO of Save the Chimps


Opal and Braedon have lived together for decades and were only recently spotted spending quality time together. Braedon has been following Opal around and she seems to relish the attention. They have been spending a lot of time grooming each other and it’s adorable, to say the least. It just goes to show that love can blossom!

About Opal

I was born to my parents Pearl and Mack on October 4, 1981, at the Coulston Foundation (TCF) in Alamogordo, NM. It appears I stayed with my mother for at least three months. At the young age of five months, I was sent to the University of Pennsylvania with three other females for five years before being returned to TCF. At the age of eleven, I was placed into the breeding program. Despite noting that I did not like the males and no pregnancies over the years, they kept me in the program. It appears most of my friendships were with the females I met when I was younger.

I am now considered a “gem” by my care staff and enjoy hanging out with my friends Olivia and Katrina, the “golden girls” of Lou’s family. I love hanging out on the island and actually prefer spending all of my time outdoors. I am very smart and help my care staff and the vet staff by voluntarily participating in daily Kardia (EKG readings of the heart) as well as other preventative medical care.

About Braedon

I was born on August 31, 1999, at the Coulston Foundation laboratory in Alamogordo, NM to my mother Katrina and my father Ridge. My records are incomplete, so Save the Chimps does not know if I spent any time with my mother. By 2001, however, I was living in the laboratory nursery with other chimps my age. Fortunately, I was never used as a biomedical research subject.

Save the Chimps rescued me in 2002 when the Coulston Foundation was on the verge of bankruptcy. I became a member of Lou’s family and was reunited with my mother Katrina. Today, I am a high-ranking male, but I have yet to become the alpha male of my group. I am trying, but I still need to work on my leadership skills. When I am not out patrolling my island with my best friend Chaka.

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