Home to 17 chimpanzees

Alice, Angel, Chance, Christie, Ebony, Elway, Garth, Holly, Jake, Jeffrey, Lea, Mika, Mikey, Pamela, Ryan the 1st, Tash, and Tony

Residents of this group were rescued from research.

Alpha: Elway

Alice’s family was the first social group formed and moved to the Florida sanctuary from the former Coulston Foundation. The group was named after Alice, a once timid chimp who blossomed in her relationships in her large family group. All of the chimpanzees in Alice’s family were rescued from biomedical research. Many spent years individually housed in 5’x5’x7’ cages, with no physical contact with other chimpanzees. At Save the Chimps they have the space and freedom to choose how they’d like to spend their days. You can often find Alice soaking up the sun on the patio, Garth striding across the hills of the 3-acre island, Jake and Elway in a grooming session, or Tash searching for enrichment. The choice is theirs!




Family Adoptions