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Original art by Janice on a 9×12″ flat-panel canvas

Art is an enrichment activity offered to our residents. Some chimps enjoy it, while others prefer not to. The choice is theirs to make.


About the Artist

I was born January 16, 1999, at The Coulston Foundation, a research lab in Alamogordo, NM. My parents were Angelica and Hanzie. At some point, probably in 2000, I was “loaned” to another research lab in Maryland. No records are available that tell Save the Chimps what happened to me there. In 2005, I was shipped to New Iberia Research Center, a research lab in Louisiana. However, when Save the Chimps took over The Coulston Foundation, the sanctuary became the legal “owners” of me; the problem was, the lab did not want to give me up. After a long struggle, STC was finally able to take me home. Not long after my arrival, I became an adopted big sister to Marlon and Dylan, two infant chimpanzees also rescued in 2007 from a facility in Texas. I was and continue to be sweet and gentle with the two boys, and with everyone I meet, both chimp and human. Today, I live in Ron’s Family, and I, along with Marlon, Dylan, and the rest of my chimpanzee family have a big beautiful island upon which we can roam and play to our heart’s content. Another of our favorite activities is painting, and I love to join in the fun of spreading color paints all over a canvas…and the walls and floors!